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Portable Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow meter

Portable Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter with built-in printer, 20 hours operating after fully recharging. SD data logger is available optional.

More details

                       TDS-100P Portable Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter

                                                   - Advanced Clamp-on Transit-time flow measurement


The TDS-100P clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter is portable flowmeters which utilize the latest ultrasonic transducers technology and digital signal processing techniques. This design can provide abundant capabilities for high accurate liquid flow measurement. 

The portable water flow meters have a built-in printer which can print data as request at spot.

20 hours can ensure long time for operating without external power supply.



*Clamp-on measurement,easy installing,no pipe disturbance,no pressure drop

*high accuracy:better than 1%

*Wide flow rage:0-30m/s

*Wide pipe size:DN15-DN6000mm

*Chinese/English interface or English interface

*RS232C or RS485 output

*Loop-powered 4-20mA output optional

*Built-in mini printer prints spot data.

*Built-in recharging battery

*The portable ultrasonic flow meter has been added with a 2G SD memory card for data logging.The 2G card can be replaced upto 8G.

Technical   parameters

 Detailed description

High accuracy measurement

  Accuracy:better than 1%, linearity:0.5%, repeatability:0.2%

Wide velocity range

0.01-32m/s, bi-directional

Wide pipe range

Three types of clamp-on transducers for size from DN15-DN100, 

DN50-DN700, DN300-DN6000

Language interface

English or Italian

Liquid temperature

0-160 deg C

Suspension concentration

<20,000ppm and small or no air bubble concentration


LCD with backlight, 2×10 characters


Main unit 85%RH

Transducer cable

Shielded transducer(sensor) cable, standard length:2×5m

Temp. of main unit

-10 deg C to 70 deg C

Power supply

Built-in NI-H battery. When fully recharged, it will last over 20 hours of operation. Or AC220V power supply

Main unit weight


4-20mA output

Loop-powered way, and optional while order.


The portable ultrasonic flow meter has a higher cost.Users are recommended to select handheld portable ultrasonic flow meter which has a high cost-effective.


If portable flowmeter uses SD data logger, the built-in thermal printer won't work well.


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