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Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Insertion flowmeters uses hot-tap insertion transducer for more accurate liquid flow measurement. Insetion ultrasonic flow meter has a higher accuracy and lower cost.And have no moving parts.

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                            Insertion(Hot-tap) Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter




The insertion flowmeter is designed for pipe larger than 3” (DN80mm). For smaller pipe, our spool-piece model, flow cell type flow meter, might be a better choice. When pipe size becomes smaller, the cost of a spool-piece transducer comes down.

Comparing with clamp-on flowmeters,insertion flowmeters have better accuracy, and comparing with inline flowmeter, insertion flowmeters have lower cost and less maintenance.
Insertion liquid ultrasonic flow meter employs a pair of insertion-type ultrasonic transducers to measure the flow by inserting the transducers into the pipe wall. Comparing with clamp-on flowmeter, the biggest advantages of our wetted-type flowmeter are its long-term stability, better signal quality and less installation uncertainty. The last two features can also be translated into higher accuracy.
The Insertion type flow meter is ideal for flow surveys and closed-pipe applications, such as normal water flow measurement (hot/chill water, city water, sea water), sewage and sludge measurement, and measurements of oil (crude/diesel/fuel), chemicals (alcohol, acids, etc.), beverage, and many other liquids.


Technical Specification for insertion transducers:

 1).High accuracy: betther than ±1%, can reach ±0.5% after calibration

 2).Repeatability:  ±0.2%

 3).Velocity range:±0.03 - ±105 ft/s (±0.01 - 32 m/s), bi-directional.

 4). Pipe size range: DN80-DN6000mm

 5).Liquid temperature range:0˚C - 150˚C

 6).Transducers Installing method: Z method

 7).Installing straight pipe section:15D (Here D is pipe diameter.)

 8).Insertion transducers type: Standard insertion type and cement insertion type for cement and concrete pipes

insertion ultrasonic flow transducer   cement insertion ultrasonic flow transducer

Standard vertical  insertion transducer

For pipe size 3" (DN80) or larger

Medium temp.:-40C -160C

Installing space>550mm

     Insertion type for cement or concrete pipes

     For pipe size 3" (DN80) or larger

     Medium temp.:-40C -160C

     Installing space>700mm


The other type main converters are available, we recommend wall mounted type and four-key low cost type.


Note: The hot-tap installing tool is available. If using this tool, users can install the insertion transducers without flow stop.


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