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Clamp On Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

Clamp on ultrasonic water flow meter supports clamp on flow transducers,and can powered by built-in 3.6V battery or external 8-36Vdc.It can support 2-4 years working life. With our patent digital processing technology,

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                       Clamp On Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

                                  Battery powered and IP68 class,transit-time technology


Ultrasonic water flow meter has been famous for its distinguished advantage of clamp-on installing.This way is a kind of non-destructive without damaging pipe.It brings many advantages: no drop leaking, a very low maintanance in the future,etc.Without moving parts,ultrasonic water flow meter has no pressure loss and has a long using life. Thus,ultrasonic water meter will be a very ideal choice to replace existing commercial machnical water flow meter.


In order to meet the tremendous requirement for ultrasonic water flow meter, we have devoted too much attention to develop ultrasonic water meter with built-in battery power. In the past several years, we have released series ultrasonic water meter without external power,which includes inline ultrasonic water meter, insertion ultrasonic water meter,light-weight irrigation ultrasonic water meter. All of these ultrasonic water flow meter are required to be contact with water.


It is absolutely a chanllenge job to develop battery powered clamp on water flow meter. With greater courage, our research department and engineer team made a final decision to develop it. The biggest problem of such water flow meter is its low power consumption.Clamp on flow sensors always require bigger power consumption and battery life is easily used up within short period.In order to solve it, we have to cooperate with famous IC suppliers and ask for help from them to develop low power IC parts. This process cost us too much money and time.


Perhaps you know, inline and insertion ultrasonic water flow meter is easier to develop, but battery powered clamp-on water meter is really difficult to make. It can't contact fluid directly, and meanwhile a long-term battery working life is required.To some extent,clamp on ultrasonic water flow meter should belong to revolutionary achievement in the area.


Technical Features

*Clamp on installing way,no need to cut pipe

*Battery powered for 2-4 years working life by different configuration

*Standard MODBU and M-BUS protocol available

*No pressure loss, no moving parts,low maintenance

*IP68 protection class optiona. Our default is IP65.

*Can be used for bigger pipe and have a high cost-effective feature

*Can be used for special application where cutting and external power is not allowed



Technical Specification:


*Max velocity:0.3 to +/-16m/s

*Pipe size range:DN30-DN1000mm (For bigger or smaller size, please contact)

*Fluid temp.:0-150 Degree C.

*Working temperature:-10-+70 Degree C.

*Display:96LCD Segment screen

*Communicaiton:RS485 port(MODBUS/M-BUS protocol)


 1.USART(TTL) output

 2.OCT output (need external DC12-24V)

 3.4-20ma(the loop needs external DC12-24V)

*Local data reading: a magnetic carbon rod for window browsing and data reading

*keypad and setting:. A operating software; or RS485 remote operator available

*Recording function: Automatically record NET/POS/NEG totalizer/heater of last 512 days/128months/10 years and power ON/OFF event and the corresponding of last 30 times and can compensate automatically or manually

*Power supply: Built-in 3.6V battery or DC12-36V external power(Please indicate while order.)


Ultrasonic water flow meter has a promising future,don't miss it.

There are so many flow device for water flow measurement,but ultrasonic technology will be one of the best solution in the world by present. It has 3 kind of installing way. It is really electronic flow meter. It provides chance to reduce the material cost sharply so that you can get advanced ultrasonic flow meter with very low price. In fact, we have made it.

If you are distirbutor,don't miss it. Without our ultrasonic flow, you gain greater profit and market.

If youu are  end user, don't miss it. Advanced flow ensures your calculate each drop without maintainance.


Complete OEM Service,No Quantity Limit

As a professional manufacturer of ultrasonic water flow meters, we provide complete version OEM service from hardware to software. Our OEM service doesn't have a strict limit to order quantity.We have strong developing ability to make different flow test products. We can provide OEM service from enclosure color,enclosure shape, protection film,Logo printing, Start window software changing,etc. We warmly welcome you to leave your message by our contact form or email.