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Insertion PT100 Resistor-Pipe Size Over DN50

2-way 3-wire Insertion PT100 Resistor,ultrasonic heat meter, ultrasonic flow meter,

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  Insertion PT100 Resistor-Special made for Heater Meter




Equipped with the insertion PT100 resistors, Abest's ultrasonic flow meter can be functioned as ultrasonic heater meter, and can measure the temperature of liquid in a closed pipe. The PT100 resistor should be 2-way 3-wire system.


Unlike common PT100 resistor, the special PT100 resistor for heater meter need special pairing so that ensure a good accuracy for tempeature and heater measurement.So PT100 resistor for heater meter has a strict technical request. Our PT100 resistor has been made  and used with mechanical and ultrasonic heater meters for many years and meet criterion of EN1434,CJ128-2007,ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO9001:2000.


 Technical Specification:


 -Temperature range: 0-180 Deg.C

 -Installing way: Insertion type

 -Temperature difference: 0-180 K

 -Min insertion depth: 30mm

 -Connection: 2 way, M16*1.5

 -Protection class: IP65

 -Material:Die-case aluminium

 -Fitting length: 85-400mm

 -Operation pressure: 4.0Mpa

 -Enviromental temperature: 0-70 Deg C.