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Clamp On PT100 Resistor

Surface mounted PT100 Resistor, Clamp-on PT100 Resistor, 2-way 3-wire for ultrasonic heater meter.

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  Clamp On PT100 Resistor-Specially for Clamp On Heater Meter




Clamp on installing way is the main feature of ultrasonic flow meter,and clamp on PT100 resistor is an ideal temperature sensors for clamp on ultrasonic heater meter. By introducing clamp on temperature resistor and ultrasonic flow meter, ultrasonic heater meter can gain a unique clamp-on measuring way. Clamp-on measuring way has many good features: no pipe cutting, no pressure loss, no moving part,easy maintenance,etc.


The clamp on PT100 resistor is 2-way 3-wire system and maded by innovative cutting edge technology. The professional matching calibration way can ensure the better accuracy for ultrasonic heater meter and can meet the requirement of EN1434 request. The clamp-on PT100 resistor can be used for temperature measuring on close pipe or other round surface. The clamp-on installing way can avoid stopping or disturbing flow in pipe and the life of clamp-on PT100 resistor can't be shorten by chemicals or pressure.


Technical Spefication:


-Temperature Range: 0-180 Deg C

-Accuracy: Class

-Two wire

-Installing way: Clamp on or surface mounted

-Material: Stainless steel, Aluminium

-Enviromental temperature: 0-70 Deg C.