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USB Temperature Humidity Data Logger

USB Temperature Humidity Data Logger,high cost effecitve. Data management software available.

TEMPerHUM means temperature and humidity.

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USB Temperature Humidity Data Logger  



The USB temperature and humidity data logger is our latest innovation product and designed to measure temperature and humidity and dew point, and meanwhile store those data to TXT format on PC. The format data can be easily further proceesed by other software.The USB data logger can be used for monitoring weather,office,home and can be remotely monitored by email.



1.Test temperature,humidity,dew point together

2. Parameters setting by computer

3.Connecting with PC, automatically display history data and store the data to TXT or CSV Excel format,and produce chart.

4.Connecting with PC, can check the Min,Max,averange temperature of history data.


Technical Specifications:

1)Temperature range; -40 to +120 Deg.C

2)Temperature resolution: 0.06 Deg.C

3)Temperature accuracy:+2 Deg.C

4)Humidity range:0 to 100 RH%

5)Humidity resolution:0.03 RH%

6)Humidity accuracy:+5 RH% (20RH% to 90 RH%)

7)Power voltage:4-6vdc

8)Current <10mA

9)Support Windows 7/VISTA/XP/2000

10)Memory requested: about 20M

11)Automatically stored as TXT or CSV can be opened by excel

12)Support Email sending function. Can be remotely controlled. The measured data can be sent by email to control power on/off of other equipment.