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Optimum Humidity and Optimum Temperature For Life

It is very important to know the optimum humidity and temperature which can improve people's life.

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Optimum Humidity and Optimum Temperature For Life


As people live on the earth,it is impossible to be far away from temperature and humidity,they are closely related with our daili life and industry manufacturing.It is also very necessary to know the what is optimu humidity and optimum temperature for people.


1.Optimum temperature

8-15℃, the temperature range is optimum temperature for storing grain.The temperature can prevent grant from insects.

35-38℃, the temperature range is optimum temperature for babath water,the temperature is close to people's body temperature.

40-45℃,the temperature range is optimum temperature for water of washing feet before sleeping.The temperature water can improve metabolism of feet part and lower limbs to make brain rest and help to sleep.

70-80℃, the optimum tempetaure for making tea.With the temperature water, the tea can be full of color, aroma, and taste.

So what is the optimum temperature in room? It is 18-20℃, the temperature is average temperature range of Spring. When the temperature of room is below or above, people may feel colder,and work will become slower,even Kubla khah dripping wet, and the mind is faint. A main request of indoor environment decoration is try to matain the optimum temperature.

2.Optimum humidity

From many houses,we can see that thermometers are many,but it is rarely to see hygrometer.So people didn't pay enought attention to humidity.In fact,the humidity is also very important.

Air humidity can be expressed with relative humidity. Relative humidity is the ratio of the current absolute humidity to the highest possible absolute humidity (which depends on the current air temperature). 

The optimum humidity of human being is 40%-70%RH.If the relative humidity is relatively higher or lower,people will feel uncomfortable,even harmful.

Lower relative humidity cause humidity to disappear from wood,as a result, the furniture or wooden floor will be reshaped,crazed and damaged;piano and violin may not work well; cultural relic,files and books are embrittlement. Higher relative humidity will cause mildew of

Indoor furniture, clothing, carpet;rusty of ironware;short circuit of electronic parts;static electricity of carpet and wallpaper,and stimulation to human body,even cause fire disaster.