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Portable Temperature Data Logger&Thermometer

Portable Temperature Data Logger,Portable Thermometer,low cost 

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Portable Temperature Data Logger-Thermometer



The portable temperature data logger and thermometer is our newly released temperature measurement product. With beautiful enclosure designing and LCD display,the portable temperature data logger can record temperature and time.It is easy to set and browse parameters.With backup battery,it can keep data stored while replacing battery.The portable data logger can be widely used in Cold storage, freezers, food, pet breeding, shed flowers,etc.


Technical Specification

Measuring range:-40℃—+100℃


Time range:2000-1-1—2099-12-31

Interval time setting:1m,30m,1h,2h,12h,24h.Here m is minute, and H is hour.

Memory points:100 temperature points.

Without connecting to computer,the portable data logger is easy to set and browse parameters.

Can set alarm function over limit value.Except producing alarm voice,the portable data logger can record the temperature point over limit value.

The screen can display alarm information which can make user to know the abnormal change of target temperature monitoring.