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How to select thermometer&Hygrometer

How to select thermometer and hygrometer

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How to Select Thermometer and Hydrometer?




Because of using different principle for temperature and humidity measurement, there are various of temperature and humidity instruments. So it will be necessary to consider some factors while selecting thermometers and hydrometers, and these factors include measuring range, output and display, installing way, sampling way, gas, material, structure, monitoring request, environment condition, good cost-effective, maintaining working, etc.


1)    Cost consideration: While selecting thermometers and hydrometers, not just consider low price, but it also has a full consideration of price and performance, which include price, life, maintenance and calibration cost.

2)    Calibration: It must be easy to check and calibrate even though you don’t need high accuracy measurement. Because it can reduce your working task for checking and calibrating at spot.

3)    Sturdy and Durable: The enclosure and sensor of thermometers and hygrometers can bear condensing, dry, and extreme temperature, dust, chemical, or other pollution

4)    Quality reliability: It is difficult to check the quality reliability for the first time. But it is still necessary to check it. One good skill is that good and professional English person from supplier while in exporting business. Because small Chinese companies doesn’t pay higher salary so they can’t employ high class people. And a poor English person can’t supply professional service and will cause many technical misunderstanding and will cause big loss.

5)    Adaptability: Usually one project may need many kinds of instruments, and should consider compatibility and adaptability with other devices.

6)    Replaceability: Generally, the parts should be easy to replace and can work normally after replacing. This means parts should be standard.