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Water Flow Meter Data Logger With Built-in Pressure Sensor

The water meter data logger is a data recording device for data logging and recording of water meter and pressure . It also has a built-in pressure transducers optional for pressure test data recording.

More details

Water Flow Meter Data Logger with Built-in Pressure Sensor

-Battery Powered, IP68 Class,Pulse Signal Inputs,Built-in pressuer sensor 


The water meter data logger recorder is designed for devices or instruments which have no data logger or recorder. With built-in pressure transducers, it can be used for pipe pressure data logging and recording.With pulse input, it can also be used for flow meters and water meters. With battery powered and IP68 class water-proof, the data logger/recorder is an ideal solution for that doesn't have the capacity to record daily measurement value. By using the data logger/recorder, measurement data can be stored and for further processing.The data from the data logger/recorder can be downloaded to PC for further processing by RS485 port or infrared communication port.


Technical Features

1)3-way passive pulse input for data gathering and recording

2)A builit-in pressure transducer for pipe pressure measurement,Max pressure is 0.6MPa.

3)1 way analog input for data gathering and recording

4)1 standard RS485 port is only for communicaiton with PC, not for data logging. 

     1 infrared port for parameters setup and data exporting, for this, it will need a hand    operator.

5)Data recording/storing function; interval time can be set from 1minute to 24 hours. Can store 3 months data while interval time is 1minute.

5)Storing data can be exported to PC or hand communicator.

6)System setting for system time,station number,password,storing interval time

7)Readout for one time per day,the battery can be used for 9 years while under low power consumption mode.

8)Man-machine interface:page browsing,LCM display(pulse rate totalizer,time,software version number,battery voltage,system running status,etc.)

9)Working modes: power-saving mode or normal mode

10)Parameters storing function while power off

11)Error indication on LCD screen or buzzer alarm

12)Error information storing function:reset times,reset time,and error information

13)IP68 Water-proof design enclosure can be suitable for outdoor dew and water-immersing.


Technical Specification:

1)Power by built-in 3.6V battery;

2)One way 3.3V power output(Max:1mA),supply power for small power instruments,e.g.transducers,etc.

3)Power consumption:normal:<10mA; Sleep status:<35uA. The Max:20mA

4)Pulse rate gathering frequency smaller than 10HZ,the accuracy:+/-1‰.

5)System sleeping status: 15uA-30uA

6)RS485 Bit Error Rate: Pe<0.00001. (RS485 is used to communication with PC,but not for data loogging)

7)Infrared communication distance<3m

8)Protection Class:ip68; dIIBT4

9)Working temp.:-25 to 70 Deg C.

10)Storing temp.:-40 to 85 Deg C.

11)Relative humidity:95%(No condensing)

12)Dimension:114*84*75mm(without connection terminals and installing parts)


Note: In order to set parameters easily, an operator is recommended which can be used with many pcs of data loggers. If don't want the operator, it will need PC and software to set parameters.


8)Man-machine interface:page browsing,LCM display(pulse rate totalizer,time,software version number,battery voltage,system running status,etc.)