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Temperature Logger

The Temperature logger is thermometer with built-in data logger.Stainess steel water-proof enclosure.

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Temperature Data Logger



The temperature data logger is an independent thermometer with built-in data logger and designed for remote temperature recording in harsh environments.Its rugged enclosure lends itself to applications such as dishwashers and sterilization, and it is commonly used in environmental studies, food storage, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

The temperature data logger can record current temperature value. With 5-180mm stainless steel probe, the temp.logger can ensure a quick measureation reaction than external temprature sensors. With built-in high-capacity Li battery,the temperature logger can work for long.e.g. about 2 years.

Equipped with water-proof stainless steel enclosure, the temp.logger can work under damp enviroment,even though under water, it can work well and safely.


Built-in timer can ensure accurate time for each temp.record.The gathering interval time can be set by customer as request, the interval can be from 10S to 7days and has function of programmable start time setup and online real-time temperature  monitoring.

The temperature data logger has a 32Kbyte NVM Non volatile memory which can max 16000 temperature record. Even though when the battery power is used up, the temperature records can still be kept and safe.

With USB port,the recorded data can be downloaded to PC for further processing with our software.

The temperature loggers have two versions: one is standard version whose range is -55℃~125℃,theo other is high temp. version whose range is -50℃~145℃. The default is standard version.


Technical Features:

1)Lower cost for temperature recording

2)Max 16000 records

3)Rugged enclosure design

4)No wire to reduce installing cost

5)Data can be recorded for long

6)Real Timer

7)Easy installing

8)Easy to operate,without programming experience


Technical Spec.:

1)Measurement range: -55℃~125℃ or -50℃~145℃

2)Temp. Accuracy:±0.5℃(-20℃-70℃); ±1℃ in other range


4)Interval time:7S-7 days

5)Start time of record: Can record immediately or record certain time. The longest delay time is 255days(over 8 months)

6)Memory:32768byte NVM Non volatile memory

7)Power supply: Built-in 3.6V Li Battery

8)Time accuracy:±30S/month under 20℃


10)Communication port: USB of PC

11)Operation system:Windows 95/98/NT/XP

12)Enclosure material: wholly stainless steel