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Ultrasonic Hardness Tester

Ultrasonic hardness tester/meter


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Ultrasonic Hardness Tester



The ultrasonic hardness tester is the latester version which belongs to high technology intelligent NDT hardness measurement.The new version ultrasonic hardness tester is our third generation of products which has been used for over 10 years in Chinese domestic market.

Unlike traditional hardness meter,ultrasonic hardness meter introduces the technology of Ultrasonic Contact Impedence(UCI) and automatical identification double-frequency control compensation processing system(ZSC) which features wide field application, wide measurement range,high accuracy,non-dustructive to target thing,good stability,long working time,easy operation,etc.ZSC technology solved the influency problem of ultrasonic hardness tester by testing surrounding and personal factor.

The ultrasonic hardness tester has a small enclosure and beautiful designing,easy operation,high durability.With excellent importing electronical parts,the ultrasonic hardness tester can be used in outdoor wicked environment.


Technical Features:

*Introduce ZSC technology, meet and higher national standard of JB/T9377-1999.

*Ultrasonic hardness test is mainly for Rockwell hardness tester.With built-in switching function,different hardness system can be switched freely:HB,HRC and HV.

*Wide application:wheel, bearing, all kinds of metal coatings (such as infiltration nitrogen layer, carburized layers, electric plating, etc.), metallic flake, metal sheet, small, profiled piece, not moving large workpiece, cylindrical strike needle, qimo accessories, all kinds of mould etc.The hardness meter can ensure a good accuracy.

*For different shape,dimension and mateiral metal meausred parts or different modulus of elasticity or special material, no need to change probe. just need the same modulus of elasticity or material to calibrate.

*Builit-in anti-inteference protection circuit,higher anti-interference and protection class.

*Built-in recharging battery power supply,long working hour

* Automatical diagnosing function to judge the problem between converter and sensor

*For unaverage testing points, can measure multy points and calculate average value

*Sensor can touch measured parts in any direction:Horizontal and vertical upward, and oblique,etc.But must ensure the sensor touch point is vertic to measured thing.

*Optional printer for data recording.

*Optional testing station for quick,easy,accurate measurement of batch of small parts


Tech Specificaiton

*Measuring range:

                         HRC 15-80

                         HB 100-550

                         HV 100-999

*Display Accuracy: Rockwell hardness,0.1HRC of full range

*Measurement accuracy:+/- 1.0HRC

*Measuring derection: support 360°

*Measurement material: factory default standard material is steel, and mainly for steel material. *For other material, pls check with us.

*Hardness testing system:HB,HRC,HV

*The smallest tested thing: 5*5mm,the thickness is over 12mm; if the thickness is below 0.5mm,it is better to use grease to make it bigger.

*Touching pressure:well-distributed touching pressure 8-20N+/-1N(Can adjust pressure as testing condition.

*Sensor spec.:136 Deg. diamond cone

*Power supply: AC220V+/-10%  50/60HZ,   DC5V or Built-in battery

*Recharing time:5 hours


*Main converter weight:300g

*Standard packaging:main converter,sensor,sensor cable, Standard test blocks,recharging converter,protection class,manual