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Ultrasonic Hardness Meter

Ultrasonic Hardness Meter,Ultrasonic coating hardness meter

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Ultrasonic Hardness Meter



Ultrasonic hardness meter utilizes principle of ultrasonic vibration to measure hardness and mainly used for metal Rockwell hardness measurement(HRC).With auto-switching function,can be freely switched between HV and HB.With storing function.

The ultrasonic hardness meter can be used for any shape parts, and widely applied in mechanical processing, steel, auto parts, aviation, petrochemical industry, electric power, heat place the principle, the mould, gear, supervision and inspection and the teaching research, etc,including:

*Large size workpiece that is not easy to move

*Measurement in any direction

*No-easy-remove parts and special shape parts

*Coating hardness tester

*Surface hardness measurement of metallic flake, permeability nitrogen layer, carburized layers, plating chromic layer (more than 10 um thickness of plating chromic layer can be measured)


Technical Specification:

*Measuring range




*Display accuracy: 0.1HRC while Rockwell hardness display

*Accuracy:+/-1.5HRC, HV/HB: 3%+5 as German standard

*Touching pressure:10Nf+/-1Nf

*Touching head:136 Deg.C. diamond

*The Min thickness of tested part:1mm

*The Min thickness of coating layer:8um(chromium plating)

*Power supply: AC100-240V 50HZ/60HZ  DC6V or Built-in battery


*Weight of main converter:700g

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