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Aluminum Enclosure Ultrasonic Level Meter

Aluminum Enclosure Ultrasonic Level Meter

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Aluminum Enclosure Ultrasonic Level Meter

Note: The modeol is discontinued now.


The ultrasonic level meter is introduced with special design of wholy aluminum enclosure ultrasonic level meters,which can ensure IP65 class water-proof.No maintainance needed, reverse connection and short-circuit protection.With LED digital display,easy to read, and support 4-20mA output.

No matter whether it is transparent or not transparent,metal or non-metal,liquid or poweder,the ultrasonic level meters can measure with good accuracy.And the level meter can still work well under the condition of heavy fog,dust,rain water,electromagnetic interference,etc.


Technical Specification

*Measuring range:30-700/0-700cm

*Blind area:30cm

*Target object:50*50*1

*Frequency:40 KHz


*Indicate: LED


*Repeatability accuracy: +/-1.05cm

*Response time:1.5S

*Power supply:12-30VDC

*Working currentcy:80mA

*Directivity angle:12°

*Enclosure material: Aluminum alloy

*Protection class: IP65

*Working temperature:-25 to +70℃

*Storing temperature:-40 to +85℃