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SD Card Data Logger Solution For Your Device

SD Data logger PCB is an ideal data logging and recoding solution for different instruments and device.With FAT32 system, Data stored in a *.TXT. USB Port, Low power supply and consumption.

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FAT32-SD Card Data Logger Solution 



The SD data logger sulotion introduces FAT32 file system,and data can be stored in .TXT formation. With USB port, the stored data can be downloaded to PC for further processing. The FAT32 SD logger is low power consumption and can be powered by battery.


As is known, SD Card standard and FAT 32 file standard are more complication to deal with.If write the two standards seperately in project, it will be very trouble and occupy two much system resource.At present,portable instruments gathering more and more datas,and data files are bigger and bigger.Meanwhile, these datas are often requested to further process on PC. SD card has good features of high capacity,quick speed,simple port and etc. So SD card data logger with FAT file systems are an ideal data storing deveice for instruments,electronic products,etc.



1)Support standard and high speed SD card,from 512M to 32G

2)Improved FAT32 file system

3)Almost unlimited read&write times(The first and sole one in the world by now)

4)Empty-cluster quick search(When recording file is bigger, the reaction time is commonly long which can't record real-time data)

5)3.3/5V serial port operation

6)Custom development,hoster just need to send data pack,but don't need to master any file system knowledge.

7)Support SD card  hot plug and unplug

8)Support USB port to connect with PC for futher processiong of data

9) Low power consumtption,can be powered by battery

10)Industry class

11)High cost-effecitve


Wiring Diagram

 Wiring diagram