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Standard Type Clamp-on Level Switch/Sensor

The clamp on flow switch is for non-contact liquid level measurement and control. It doesn't need to contact the liquid directly.

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Standard Type Clamp-on Level Switch/Sensor



The clamp-on level switch/sensor adopts principle of electromagnetic fiel which is electronic level switch.Unlike common mechanical level switch,the level switch can provide non-contact level measurement without contact liquid. 

Under using, just cling the level swith to container closely and when liquid level reaches or over setup height, liquid level will be detected and the level switch will product output signal to control device.Control device will alarm or do other action accordingly so that to control level height and avoid leakage or dry running of machine.Because no need to contact liquid directly, so it is easy to install and operate and no corrosion,prolong the life.

Application: The non contact level swith is widely used in machinery, chemical industry, paper making, light industry, sanitary equipment, electrical home appliances products, industrial control, water equipment, food machine, medical equipment,etc.The detailed application includes pools, water tower, water, water tank, medical equipment, surf bath crock,closestool, coffee machine and water machine,etc.

1)Principle of electromagnetic field,ultra stable,not influenced by surrounding.
2)High sensitivity,can penetrate any non-metal container,e.g. glass,plastic,ceramic,etc.A real non-contact clamp-on exeternal level measurement.
3)Liquid, oil, particles, powder can be all tested.
4)Unipolar induction,not influenced by nearby machine,suitable for complexed environment.
5)Specially for level and flow control of soft/hard pipe-with compact size body.
6)Sensitivity can be adjusted by potential
7)Easy to install and operate,immediate using.
8)Full-automatic balance technology,uniform sensitivity,convinient to make.
9)Output:PNP way,800mA Max output current which can drive relay directly and suitable for various of wires.


Technical specification:

1.Power supply:9-24VDC.The best voltage is 12VDC.

2.Static current:50uA(12VDC)


4.Wall thickness range of container:1-16mm(see note items)

4.LED for working status

5.Sensitive adjusting

6.Max output current:800mA

7.Output: NPN way

8.Output status: when induction available,it will output high electric level,otherwise, low electric level.

9.Output current: output current is termined by inductuion strength. The higher the strenght is,the bigger the output current is. 



1.No special request for liquid

2)Wall thickness range of container is 1-10mm. If tank material is high sensitive,the Max value can be 16mm. This will depend on the detailed material. So please tell us tank material before ask for a solution.

3) For glass container, the wall thickness range is within 10mm.

4) If want switch ON/OFF, one container will need 2 pcs.