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Economic Non-contact Water Level Sensor/Switch

Small size non-contact water level sensor, water level switch,liquid level swith

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Economic Non-contact Level Sensor/Switch

No Need to Cut Hole on Your Container



The  non-contact level sensor switch has compact size and lower cost. It provides clamp on level sensing and monitoring. It is much smaller than other similar products on market and very suitable for system integration. It will be an ideal level sensor to develop your innovative electric appliance. The water level sensor is used for non-metal container or insulating material container. Except used for water, it can used for other liquid fluids.


When using,just cling it to outer surface of insulating maerial container.When water or liquid level reaches the setup level standard, the level sensor will produce electrical level output.It is easy to install and use and has long life.



1)Non-contact induction test and suitable for insulating or non-metal container.No need to contact  liquids directly.  This way can avoid corrosion by acid and alkali and not influenced by incrustation.

2)Work stabley and reliable accuracy.Can meausre hot water level

3)Pure electronic structure,non-mechanical working way. Long life

4)An ideal replacement for level sensor or level swith with moving parts

5)Can be used for non-metal soft/hard pipe

6)High stability and sensitivity,good anti-interference,not disturb by outer electromagnet resource.

7)Stong compatibliity,can penetrate various of non-metal  container,includeing plastic,glass,ceramic,etc.The valid induction is within 5mm. Water,acid liquid,alkali liqdui,powder etc can be tested.

8)Easy to install and use,quick installing,quick work.


Technical Specification:

1.Power voltage:3.3V-5.2VDC

2.Static current: 25uA(5VDC)

3.Power consumption:Max100mW(5V)

4.Wall thickness of container: less than 5mm

5.Working temperature range:-25 ~ 155 Deg.C

6.Output way:NPN way. Max current of 100mA can drive relay directly.

  Output channel has 3 wires: Blue:0V;Red:5V;Black:out

  When induction available,out terminal output low electric level;otherwise,it is high electric level.


The non-contact level sensor can be used in Household electrical appliances, and W.C. intelligent control products, drinking water purification and water treatment equipment, medical and food machinery, chemical machinery and equipment



1.Comparing with standard type, the wall thickness range of plastic container is 2.5mm with this type. Of course, if application condition is good, it can reach 3-3.5mm. 

2.In order to control ON/OFF, one container usually needs 2 pcs: one is used for switch ON,and the other is for switch OFF.

3.Can be used for non-metal pipe flow or level. The pipe should be vertical direction.   For PVC pipe,the wall thickness gauge is 1-6mm.