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MODBUS-PROFIBUS DP Converter/Gateway,RS232-PFOFIBUS DP Converter/Gateway

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The converter is used to conveter signal and protocol between MODBUS,PROFIBUS-DP and RS232 port. Both MODBUS and PROFIBUS-DP use RS485 as their communication hardware port. The converter has man good features:easy to use, no need to program,communication transparent,high transmission rate,etc.


*Good commonality: support communication between various of MODBUS device and PROFIBUS-DP device,e,g,flow meter,electricity meter,water meter,PLC,frequency changer,etc. For the converter, the master and slave device can be selected as request. At PROFIBUS side,PROFIBUS is slave side;at MODBUS side, MODBUS can be master or slave.


* Easy to use: No need to program, users can use our manual and GSD file to reach the function of communicaiton between MODBUS and PROFIBUS.


*Transparent communication: No need to change the protocol of devices, according to the mapping relation between MODBUS communication data area and PROFIBUS communication data area, PROFIBUS master station can process transparent message communication transmission to slave device.


Technical Spec.

1)Standard PROFIBUS-DP port,baud rate self-adaption as 9.6Kbps,19.2Kbps,93.75Kbps,187.5Kbps,500Kbps,1.5Mbps,3Mbps,6Mbps optional.

2)Output/input length of PROFIBUS can be set freely, support 160bytes output/input.

3)Standard RS-485 port

4)MODUBS communication rate:2.4Kbps-115.2Kbps

5)Power supply: DC9-30V power supply;power consumption:1.92W

6)Environmental temp.:-20-70 Deg.C

7)Relative humidity:<=95%(40Deg.C)


9)Installing: 35mm standard din rail mounted

10) Protection class:IP20