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Battery Powered Inline Ultrasonic Water Meter

Battery powered ultrasonic water meter supports clamp on transducers and insertion transducers and inline ultrasonic transducers.No moving parts,an ideal choice for mechanical water meters. IP68 class protection ultrasonic water meters with battery powered or DC8-36V power.

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Ultrasonic Water Meter



Applied with Euro standard of EN1413, Ultrasonic water meter is a super low consumption water meter with high-accuracy industry electronic parts equipped. Ultrasonic water meter has many advantages such as: high accuracy, good reliability, no moving parts, no pressure drop, Low maintenance, etc. The water meter is a excellent substitution of other water meters. With high quality parts and advanced technology, the ultrasonic water meter have reached a very excellent performance.


Unlike mechanical water meters, ultrasonic water meter has an outstanding long-term stability. Ultrasonic water meter has no moving parts in its sensor, so its performance doesn't degrade over time, its overall system accuracy doesn't also degrade over time.

Thus, ultrasonic water meters will be more widely used in the near future in regard that clean water source become less and less. Due to battery powered, the water meter is also an ideal solution where the external power is unavailable.


With Modbus and M-bus protocol, our ultrasonic water meter is easy for network. Various value LCD display is a real digital water meter.


Technical Features:


1.No pressure loss and no moving parts, designed for no maintenance

2.High temperature resistant and abrasion resistant transducer

3.Horizontal display and Down-looking display.

4.Integrated type and separated type optional

5.Various kinds of transducers optional,e.g. inline ,insertion or clamp-on transducers

6.An ideal choice for installing place without external power source

7.GSM/GPRS remote data reading by communication port

8.Low start-up flow rate

9.Various value display by LDC screen


Technical Specification:


1.Accuracy: 2% and 3% while battery powered.

2.Fluid: Temperature 0℃~150℃

3.Power supply: battery powered and 8-36Vdc. Battery can work for 5 years sequentially.

4.RS485 port,support MODBUS,M-BUS,etc.

5.TTL output doesn;t consume battery power

6.OCT pulse or 4-20mA optional.But it will need external DC power supply to make it work.

keypad and setting: a magnetic carbon rod for window browsing. PC setting software or RS485 operator available

Recording function: Automatically record NET/POS/NEG totalizer/heater of last 512 days/128months/10 years and power ON/OFF event and the corresponding of last 30 times and can compensate automatically or manually.


Transducers Details:


1.Inline Transducers for DN15-DN1000mm

   DN15-DN40mm: PI type transducers used and body material is stainless steel.

   DN50-DN1000mm: Flange type transducers,and body material is carbon steel.

   Stainless steel optional.


2. Insertion Wetted transducer for DN80mm and above

   Insertion wetter transducer is ideal for bigger pipe size. It's light and shipping cost is less.

   If pipe is carbon steel or stainless steel, the transducers can be directly welded into pipe    surace. If pipe material is not, it will need fixing strap.

   We have professional patent hot-tap installing tool for insertion transducers. With the tool, the transducers can be installed without flow stop while pressure is below 0.8MPa. The hot-tap tool can be used repeatedly.


Note: When pipe size is below DN200mm, inline type transducers are good solution, and while over DN200mm, insertion type and clamp-on type transducers have a high cost-effective.