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Micro Piezo Pump

Piezoelectric micro pump is developed on the basis of micro piezoelectric technology and used for the pump of air,liquid and their mixture.

More details

Piezoelectric micro pump is our latest release high technology products and can be used for air,liquid and air&liquid mixture. Micro piezoelectric pump is one core part of micro fluid system. The pump has been used in many application.e.g guide-railed micro lubricating soil supply system,cooling system of micro fluid, run water system of micro lens, micro perfume supply kit,high class medical equipment and biochem ical analyzer,etc.

Within flow rate of 0-5L and pressure of 0-80kpa, any request about flow rate and  backpressure can be easily made as request. Meanwhile,we can supply special design and its driver and ingegrated it to a complicated system as customers' request. Comparing with western countries,we will try to supply piezoelectric micro pump with higher cost-effetive solution.


Technical Specification:

Driving voltage: AC130V/200HZ;AC100V/45HZ;170V/50HZ;120V/60HZ,etc.(Voltage/frequency may be various as different flow rate.)

Self-priming pressure:3KPa (No confirmed. May be various)

Output pressure: 15KPa (No confirmed. May be various)

Flow rate: 10ml/min (No confirmed. May be various)

Power consumption: 0.05W (No confirmed. May be various)

Weight: 2g (No confirmed. May be various)

Enclosure material: PET

Flow surface material: PET


Technical Features:

1.Small size,light weight

2.Low power consumption: 0.05W,or 1.8W;(No confirmed. May be various)

3. No electromagnetism interference: Direct driving by piezoelectric diaphragm

4.No moving parts of traditional motor and axis

5.Long life to use as no moving parts

6.Self-cooling. Piezoelectric diaphragm produces much less heater and can also be tranmission by fluid, so it is suitable for long time continuous working.

7.Suitable for various of fluids,e.g.water,alcohol, hydrochloric acid,etc.

8. Convenient to control flow. Output ability of micro piezoelectric pump has a linear relationship with voltage.  User can control flow rate accurately by changing voltage. Customers can control flow rate by changing frequency.



Except customized products, we have developed some standard type piezo pump. Its flow range is 0-5L and pressure range is 0-50KPa.

    Order No.:     Flow Range (mL/min)   Output Pressure(KPa) 
ABESTPSD20  0-40 >40
ABESTPSD27 40-200 >45
ABESTPSF27  200-500 >50
ABESTPXDX  500-5000 >45