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Non-invasive Air Bubble Detector

Air Bubble Detector is developed on ultrasonic clamp on technology and can be used for check the air and gas bubble of Infusion Pump Sensor or other Air-In-Line test. The bubble detector and bubble sensors can be used in medical, food, industry, scientific research and pharmaceutical.

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Our air bubble detectors(also called as bubble sensors) or air-in-line sensors are developed on ultrasonic clamp on flow technology and provide reliable air bubble detection in liquid flows of closed pipe,for examople, medical infusion application. Non-invasive installing way means no need to cut pipe and can check the bubble from the outside of tubes and don't contact liquid so it won't pollute the liquid medium.


Clamp on working way can feature no pressure loss, no moving parts, sanitation, no maintainace,etc. This features make the serial air bubble detectors are very suitable for the application of food, medical, pharmaceutical,etc industries.For example, the air bubble detector can be used for level monitor of air pot of hemodialysis equipment, tube air bubble detecting of blood perfusion machine,and air bubble detecting of other devices. Except those, the bubble detector can be used for infusion(e.g.intravenenous drip) and liquid transportation and dosing of other industries,e.g. industry, scientific research,etc.


The principle of air bubble detector is made as ultrasound will have different characteristics in different propagation medium and then by special electric circuit to process and analysis, the bubble sensors can intelligently judge the fluid medium situation in the tubes and then give related result.


Typical Application

1.Medicine filling


3.Air detection of infusion pumpe

4.Powder coating

5.Ink jet printing

6.Low flow measurement

7.Viscosity measurement in semiconductor

8.Chemical analysis

9.Blood process monitor

10.Biotech/DNA analysis



Technical Parameters

Pipe size: 1.0mm to 25mm

Power supply: 5V, 6-12V,etc

Output way: TTL,RS485,etc.