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General Classification for Instruments and Meters




Instrument is a integrated products by variety of science and technology,wide variety and used.There are many methods to classify instruments.

Classifying as purpose and usage, it mainly includes Measuring instrument, automobile instruments and tractor instruments, instrument for marine, aerospace instruments, navigation apparatus, driving apparatus, radio test equipment, carrier microwave test equipment, test equipment, construction materials testing equipment for geological exploration, seismic testing instruments, land surveying and mapping, hydrologic instruments, Chronographs, agricultural testing, commercial testing instruments, teaching, medical equipment, environmental equipment,etc.

As the standard of belonging to machinery industrial instrument, it includes industrial automation instrumentation, electrical instrumentation, optical instruments, analytical instruments, laboratory equipment and apparatus, material testing machine, weather, movie mechanical, photographic machinery of the last day of a lunar month Ocean instrument, copying microfilm machines, instruments and components, instruments and materials, instrumentation equipment,etc.This kind of instrument is a strong universality meter and as a basis of necessary instrumentation industry.

According to different characteristics of principle of function, measurement and control objects, structures,etc, instrument can be further divided into a number of small classes or subclasses. For example, industry instrument can be classfied as checking instrumentation, display instruments, adjustment instruments and actuators; Checking instrumentation can be further classified as temperature instrument, flow meter, pressure instrument, measuring instruments and mechanical measuring instrument as the standard of measuring physical quantities. Temperature instrumen can be also classified as contact temperature meter and non-contact temperature meter. Contact temperature meter contains thermoelectric type,expansion type,resistance type,etc.

Other instrument can be also classified as those similar methods.Of course, those methods are just habitual and general methods because there is no uniform classification standard.