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General List Of Instrument And Meter-2nd Part




10. Measuring tool: measuring gauge,taper ruler,vernier caliper,microcalliper,dialgauge

11.Measuring instrument:roundness tester,three coordinate measuring machine,air-gauge

12.Actuator: electric operator,pneumatic actuating mechanism

13.Instrument power: DC power, AC power,UPS,Swith power,regulated power, inverter

14.Display instrument: Digital display indicator

15.Application instrument: counter,kilowatthourmeter,thermostat, constant pressure gauges, meter reading system

16.General Lab Instrument:Electrothermal board, electric heat set, homogenate machine, distiller, distributor, dolly device

17.Machine Instrument: thickness gauge,height gauge,velocity meter,power meter

18.Weighing apparatus:Quantitative scale, platform scale,valuation scale, the weighing transducer, electronic balance, ground value, belt scale, crane scale, the batching scale

19.Industry Special tester:Wind speed wind temperature air volume meter,temperature and humidity meter,noise level meter,PH meter, ORP meter,DUSTTRAK,noise level meter, sound leve meter,water quality tester,conductivity meter,light meter,Gas analysis instrument,sampler,Dust particle counter, food oil testing instrument, the mercury instrument

20.Lab equipment:tensile testing machine,pressure testing matchine,Bending test enginery, reverse test enginery, impact test enginery, universal test machine, test cases, non-metallic material testing machine, balance machine, nondestructive testing instruments, technology force and deformation detector testing machine, automotive test equipment, packaging, a test enginery, fatigue test machine, strength test enginery, laboratory, vibration bench