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Application Fields Of Flowmeters


Flowmeters include many kinds, e.g. ultrasonic flow meter, electromagnetic flowmeter, mass flow meter, turbine flow meter, vortex flow meter,etc. Some flow meters can be used for liquid, some can be used for gas, and some can be used for both gas and liquid.

The following are some application fields of flow meters:

1.Industry manufacturing process
Flow meters are an importing instrument in process automation, and are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical industry, petroleum, transportation, construction, textile, food, medicine, agriculture, environment protection, people’s daily life and other economic fields. They can play an important role in developing agriculture, saving energy, increasing quality of products, economic returns and management level. In process automation, flowmeters mainly have two functions: process controlling and measure flow rate.

2.Energy Measurement
Energy includes primary energy(Coal, crude oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and coalbed methane),secondary energy(power, coke, artificial gas, oil products, liquefied petroleum gas, steam),etc.Flow meters are the importing instruments in the energy measurement.There are huge request for flowmeters from water,gas,steam,oil,etc. Flowmeters are indispensable tools for energy measurement and custody transfer for trade settlement.

3.Environment Protection Project
Smoke,sewage,waste liquids,etc pollute water resource and air seriously.These will threate threaten our earth. We must strengthen management for the pollution of air and water, and the basisi is quantitative control for pollution resources. Thus,flowmeters can be introduec to measure the flow rate of smoke,sewage,waste liquids,etc.

There are five often used transportation ways: airplane,railway,ship,bus,and pipeline transportation. And pipeline transportaion has been available for long, but not used widely.Now because of environment protection, pipeline draws much more attention than before.For pipeline transportation, flowmeters are must.

Biotechnology are very promising in this century.Biotechnology need to monitor many material, for example, blood, urine,etc,which will need flowmeter to measure.

6.Scientific Experiment
Scientific experiment need many kinds of flowmeters. According to statisticas, there are hundreds of flowmeters used in scientific research. Most of them are special manufactured and only used in scientific research institution and large enterprises, and not sold publicly.

7.Marine Meteorology,Rive,Lake
These are open flow channel, and usually need to check the flow velocity and flow rate.