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Window Menus Summary Of Our Ultrasonic Flow Meter



The following will give the general arrangement of window menus of our ultrasonic flow meters.


User doesn’t need to remember all the menu windows. Just remember the most commonly used window numbers and the approximate window number of some uncommonly used windows would be sufficient.


M00~M09 windows for the display of the flow rate, velocity, date time, totalizers, battery voltage and estimated working hours for the battery.

M10~M29 windows for entering the pipe parameter.

M30~M38 windows for flow rate unit selections and totalizer unit selections.

M40~M49 windows for response time, zeroing, calibration and modification password setup.

M50~M53 windows for the built-in logger

M60-M78 windows for time-keeper initialization, version and ESN information viewing and alarms.

M82     window for viewing date totalizer.

M90~M94 are diagnostic windows for a more accurate measurement.

M97~M99 are not windows but commands for the outputting of display copying and pipe parameter setups.

M+0~M+9 are windows for some additional functions, including a scientific calculator, viewer on records such as total working hours, turn-on and turn-off times, dates and times when the flow meter has been turned on or turned off.


The detailed arrangement may be different with different type ultrasonic flow meters. Please feel free to contact us if you have such problem.