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Features Of New Version Wall Mounted FLowmeter



Besides carrying on advantages from the older version, new version fixed type ultrasonic flow meters have been made some improvement in following aspects 


(1)    Improve samples times per cycle, from 50 times (VERSION 7.) to 128 times (VERSION 15.). The measurement result is more stable and can measure clean water and most of sewage and some chemistry fluid, even be able to paper pulp with plenty of larger suspension. 

(2)    Isolated DC power supply ensures main units get a higher performance in reliability and anit-interference, even able to work stably under the situation of high voltage and high frequency interference. For the place without power supply, user can choose 15W solar battery panel and connected with a 12V/30AH plumbous acid battery group. This power can make the flow meter work continuously for a week despite of bad weather. 

(3)    Add an isolated standard RS485 port 

(4)    Add a SATA port can be equipped with 4-20mA ring, frequency output, large storage data logger, printer,etc. 

(5)    The main board can be operated and set by two kind of different port keyboard/display. One is inside the transmitter, the other is external RS485 keyboard/display port.(SATA port.) By the external RS485 keyboard/display port, we can control the module type at the distance of 1KM. This design can save transducer signal cable and a short transducer cable can make flow meters have a good performance in reliability and anit-interference. And the RS485 keyboard/display port can provide a power supply for module type and other simplified type. 

(6)    There is a two channels three wire system PT100 resistance input, and connected with a PT resistance, it is a ultrasonic heater meters. Add a new function can avoid ineffective totalizer while low velocity or low temperature difference. 

(7)    There is a three channels anlog input and can input pressure, level ,temperature, etc, and used as a simple RTU. 

(8)    Add a malfunction calculagraph window menu (M+9). When a flow meter can’t work well, the time will be increased. 

(9)    Can support 8 kind of languages. (Now there are only Chinese and English.) Can support all of our transducer.