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Power Up Of Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter


The wall mounted flowmeter doesn’t have power ON/OFF switch. When it is connected to power, it will start to run automatically.



Before connecting the device to power source, please do a final check to make sure all the wiring are corrected and all the local safety codes are followed.


After the power is turned on, the ultrasonic flowmeter will run a self-diagnostic program, checking first the hardware and then the software integrity. If there is any abnormality, corresponding error messages will be displayed. (Please refer to chapter 7 for more error code explanations.)


After successful internal check, the ultrasonic flowmeter will display menu window 01(short for M01), or the menu window which was active at last power off. It will also start the measurements by using the parameters configured last time by the user or by the initial program.

The flow measurement program always operates in the background of the user interface. This means that the flow measurement will keep running regardless of any user menu window browsing or viewing. Only when the user enters new pipe parameters will the flowmeter change measurement to reflect the new parameters changes.


When the power is turned on or new pipe parameters are entered, the ultrasonic flowmeter will enter into a self-adjusting mode to adjust the gain of the receiving circuits so that signal strength will be within a proper range. By this step, the flow meter finds a the best system gain which matches the pipe material and fluid type. If the self-adapting process is completed successfully, letter ’R’ will be displayed.


When the user adjusts the position of the installed transducers, the ultrasonic flow meter will re-adjust the signal gain automatically.