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As the ongoing development of ultrasonic technology, ultrasonic application is more and more popular. Ultrasonic machines are widely used in various kinds of industries, for example, automotive industry, electronic industry, office supplies, packaging industry, medical industry, toy industry, non-woven clothing, etc.


The main good features of ultrasonic application:

  1. Comparing with heard sound wave, ultrasonic has no noisy and ensure a quiet working surrounding, and people can’t hear its voice. The point is especially useful and important in the high strength working situation.
  2. Ultrasonic has a better directivity, the higher the frequency, the stronger the directivity. This is the main consideration factor for flaw detector and underwater sound communication.
  3. Ultrasonic is very important in the wall thickness measurement. Because if working frequency of ultrasonic becomes higher, the corresponding sound wave length will become shorter.
  4. Clamp-on feature of ultrasonic technology is very useful for flow measurement for open channel and closed pipe, especially for closed pipe. Ultrasonic can cross many kinds of material pipes, and there material can include all of metal, PVC, plastic, etc. Ultrasonic flow meter is developed from this point.


Thus, ultrasonic technology has an all-round influence for the manufacturing.