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Application Of Ultrasonic


Ultrasound is sound wave whose frequency is over 20000Hz.It has good features of good direction,strong penetration ability,far transmission distance in water, and has been widely used  in medicine, military, industrial, agricultural,and can be used for distance, speed, cleaning, welding, gravel, the sterilization, etc.


Ultrasonic technology is widely used in the application of tubes, rods, steel plate profile welding cleaning detection range of a lot of very much medical, cleaning, welding, detection, ranging, medical, sonar, sound chemistry, biology application,etc.

Ultrasonic testing is often used for non-destructive flaw detector,and often used for the test of forging, weld and castings, etc.By using ultrasonic technology, it can find the inner minor defects of cracks, slag inclusion, shrinkage, not weld fully, etc. But for this application, the shape of tested things should be simple and have certain surface smoothness.In big companies and factories,advanced ultrasonic flaw detecting system is introduced to quick and massive checking of Tubes, rods, steel plate profile,etc.


1)Engineering application: underwater positioning and communication, underground resources exploration, etc


2)The science of biology application: shear macromolecular, biological engineering and deal with seeds, etc


3)The application of diagnostics: type A, type B, type, type D, M double function, and color dopplar ultrasound


4)Therapeutic applications: physical therapy, the cure of cancer, surgery, in vitro gravel, dental, etc