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As swift development of ultrasonic technology,ultrasonic sensors have been widely used in our daily manufacturing and living.Thus,it is important to know some important parameters while purchase ultrasonic sensors.


1. The central frequency should be over 25KHz


2. Whether need water-proof(open way or closed way),whether need acid-resisting and alkali-resisting


3.Diameter and power rate.Generally, the bigger diameter,the stronger power rate


4.Blind area. To ultrasonic sensor, blind area is determined by aftershock.The short,the better.It is better if the aftershock is below 2ms while <40KHz.The blind area of 2ms is 0.34m.High frequency sensor has a shorter aftershock,but its measuring distance is shorter.


5. Angle. Angle is not very important factor.Because ultrasonic has a strong directionality.No matter how big the angle, it will be straight while to long distance.


6. Impedance is related with your circuit design.


7.Working temperature: The factor is very important,but you have no method to change it.Should leave enough margin while design circuit,because under some extreme temperature condition, the central frequency of ultrasonic sensors is drifting which will lower signal emission and receiving.