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Abest Technology Inc (Abest Technology and Instrument Co.,Ltd) is a high technology company specializing in designing and manufacturing and supplying TDS-100 series ultrasonic flow meters,ultrasonic water meters and ultrasonic thermal energy meters.

As one of the earliest company exporting ultrasonic flow meters,ultrasonic water meters,ultrasonic heat meters, Abest Technology have accumulated expensive experience and professional technical knowledge in serving overseas customers from different countries.

With strong power of developing and manufacturing, we pursuit to provide high quality products with very low price, and satisfies various requirements of customers ultrasonic flow meters. Our core series products-ultrasonic flow meter,ultrasonic heat meter and ultrasonic water meters have been sold to many counties, such as Europe Union, South Korea, India, South America, U.SA.,etc.

As our external pursuit, Abest have tried their best to supply high performance ultrasonic flow meters with lower price. Abest's ultrasonic flow meters includes handheld portable flow meter,clamp on flow meter,insertion flow meter,inline flow meter,etc.