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ultrasonic flow meters latest news


Abest Technology have released the latest version wall mounted ultrasonic flow meters.



Comparing with previous version, new version wall mounted unit ultrasonic flow meter will have more features as below:

1) Built-in 4M data logger can store 200,000.00 lines of data. Storing interval is changed from 1s to 24 hours.Up to 22 items optional for storing.

2)Built-in HART protocol can support HART communication(4-20mA output).

3)Module designing ensure high stability and easy checking and repairing.

4)All of setting parameters can automatically be saved into Eprom, no need to solidify setting parameters by M26.


Abest Technology have released ENGLISH/FRENCH language interface for handheld portable ultrasonic flow meter


In order to meet the request of international market, we developed two language version operation interface available: Chinese/English version for Chinese market and English/French for international market.

 Pls kindly indicate while order. 


A SD data logger for Abest ultrasonic flow metes has been released.


The data logger is mainly for the new generation ultrasonic flow meters of Abest. It uses a SD memory card for data recording. The data will be TXT.format, and is easy to deal with. The data logger can support 512M to 8G, and can record the data of ultrasonic flow meter and ultrasonic heat meter.The recording times can be set and start time and interval time can also be set accordingly.


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