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Flow meter units(Flow rate units,flow velocity units)

Flow meters have volume flow rate units and mass flow rate units as below:

In SI unit system, it is m3/s and kg/s. The often used in application are m3/h,L/h, and kg/h,ton/h.

In English unit system, it is ft3/s,UKgal/s,US gal/s,and lb/h,lb/s

Velocity units often used are m/s and ft/s. 


Technical request and necessary knows about installed liquid flow meters

As is known, it is harder to select a proper flow meters than install a flow meter, so users can flow meters suppliers or factories should have a good communication for flowmeters  selection before flowmeters installing. To some extent, a right selection will be the most important step of flowmeters installing.

After right selection, a technician will go to spot and in charge of installing. 

Firstly, it need to find a proper installing point. The installing point should have a enough long straight pipe section. And if possible, the installing point should be not very far from control cabinet or control rooms. Too long distance will cause more cost for wiring cables,including signal cable, transducer cable,power wire,meanwhile, the signal may become weaker.

Secondly, check what power available, connect the right power wiring terminals. If AC power to DC terminals, it will destroy flowmeters.

Thirdly, make necessary measurement for signal protection

Fourthly,check the working status of flowmeter after some minutes or longer time running

Fiftyly, if need output function, check the signal output function

Finally, site clearing and leave contact ways of technician consulting

Of course, each flowmeter has a special request on spot installing. By now, clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters should be the very easy to install. 

Before installing flow meters, a man should know the least request of straight

Typical accuracy of some often used flow meters

Straight pipe section request of some flow meters installing