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Portable Dopper Flowmeter

Portable Doppler Flow Meter,Handheld Doppler Flow Meter,Dopper Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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Handheld Portable Doppler Flow Meter


The portable doppler flow meter is handheld clamp-on dopper flow meter and designed for measuring the volume flow rate of un-clean liquid.The pipe is closed pipe and the liquid should be full of the pipe. The portable flow meter requests the liquid to contain certain amount of air bubble or solid particles, and must be greater than 0.1% of suspended solids or bubbles,or the particle size must be larger than 100 microns.


With a built-in data logger and re-charging battery,the portable dopper flowmeter can be used for flow survey and flow checking and comparison.


Technical Specification

*Accuracy: better than +/-2% of FS


*Velocity range:0.3-10.0m/s

*Pipe size range:DN25mm toDN2500mm

*Transducer Protection class: IP68

*Power: Recharging battery power

*Recharging power supplye:220-240Vac

*Display:2 lines 16 Characters,backlit LCD

*Transducer cable length:2meter

*Transducer temperature:-20 to 90 Deg.C

*Enviroment temp.:-10 to 50 Deg.C