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Fixed Type Dopper Flowmeter

Fixed installing wall mounted ultrasonic doppler flow meters with clamp-on transducers or insertion transducers.

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Fixed Type Dopper Flowmeter


Dopper flow meter uses non-invasive doppler ultrasonic technology for liquid flow measurement and no need to cut pipes.The doppler flow meter is fixed installing for long-term online monitor and measurement.The suspended solids or bubbles in medium should be over 0.1% (bigger than 0.1 microns.

In order to meet different requirement, we also develop insertion transducer for the doppler ultrasonic flow meters.


Technical Specification

Accuracy: +/-2%


Pipe size:DN25-DN3000mm

Desplay:5 lines×20 digits,can measure flow rate,flow totalizer,velocity,etc


Built-in data logger can store 65000 lines of data

RS232 or RS485 port

Relay output, upper and lower limit alarm

4-20mA output

Flow totalizer function of day,month,year and can store the day,the month,the year totalizer and totalizer of last 5 years/12 months/31 days.

Transducer installing: insertion way (Pipe size over DN150) and clamp-on way

Transducer cable: default 2*3m, Max 300m optional

Temp. of main converter:-20 to 50 Deg.C.

Temp. of transducer:-40 to 80 Deg.C., High temp. transducer: -40 to 150 Deg.C

Straight installing section: upstream>=10D,downstream>=5D, 30D far from the exit of pump.Here D is pipe diameter.

Measuring range:0.3m/s to 6m/s, 0.5m/s to 8m/s

Power supply: AC85-265V

Protection class: IP67

Enclosure: ABS material, dimension:240*185*120mm