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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic level meter is comprised of ultrasonic level transmitter and ultrasonic level sensor and provides non-contact measurement for liquid level with high cost-effective solution.

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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter



Measurement Principle

Ultrasonic pulses generated by the transducer (antenna) system, which travel at the speed of sound toward the target medium, are reflected by the surface of medium and received by the transducer system again. This echo is detected by the same sensor, between transmission and reception of the pulse (the sonic run time) is directly proportional to the distance between the sensor and the product surface. This distance is determined by the velocity of sound C and the run time t using the formula:

          S =C·t/2

For example: if sound C is 344.1m/s(@20℃ and 1 atmospheric pressure), run time t is 50m/s and then distance is 8.6m.

And the level height is h=H-S.

  2.  Features

Thanks to the advanced microprocessor and unique EchoDiscovery echo processing technology, the ultrasonic level meters can be used under various working conditions.

The false echo storage function assures that the instrument can detect the right echo even under the presence of multiple false echoes and generate accurate measurement results eventually.


(1)    Non-contact ultrasonic measurement technology

(2)    Auto echo wave profile procession

(3)    Auto temperature compensation

(4)    Interference suppression by manual profile of echo wave

(5)    Easy installation and maintenance

(6)    Ultrasonic transducer has adopted the patented sonic matching technology, which helps it strengthen its emission power and enhance the signal intensity and eventually achieve accurate measurement.


Technical Specification

Power supply: AC-220V,DC-24v
Measuring range: 5,10,15,20m 
Ambient temperature.:  -25℃—55℃
Accuracy: 0.25%,0.5% optional (in air)
Resolution: ≤10m:1mm
Outpuy:4-20mA(two wiring system)
Control way: two wiring relay
Block distance: 0.3-1.0 m
Display: 4 digits LCD
       or 4 digits LED
Power consumption: ≤ 2.5W
Operation pressure: 0.1MPa
Protection class: IP65


The ultrasonic level transmitter sensor is integrated type. If requiring reparated version, please feel free to contact us.