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HART-MODBUS Converter/Gateway

The MODBUS-HART converter is used to convert signal between MODBUS and HART communication protocol.

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  HART-MODBUS Converter


The HART-MODBUS converter is used to convert signal and protocol from HART to MODBUS. HART and MODBUS are popular industry comunication protocol,but HART is not ideal for industry control network. MODBUS is more suitable for industry control network.


HART usually uses 4-20mA wire, and MODBUS mainly used RS485 port.MODBUS has two kinds of communication ways: ASCII and RTU.

Technical specification:

1. Power supply: DC8-36V

2.Power consumption: less then 1W

3.Temperature: -25~+70 Degree C.

4.Enclosure meterial: aluminium

5.Dimensions: 81×66×26mm

6.Installing way: fixed by four screws

7.HART port: resistor 240 Ohm, current:4-20mA

Technical Features:

1.MODBUS address can be set, the default is 16.

2. Read all of instrument parameters(<16) just need 0.3 second.

3.Both support RS232(DB9) and RS485.

4.Baud rate:1200/2400/4800/9600

5.HART to MODBUS protocol converter, built-in CPU, watch dog.

6.Can define flowmeters parameters, have built-in IFC300,MAG500,E+H flowmeters parameters.