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Ultraflow Data Logger Software

Ultraflow Data Logger Software for logging data and data management.

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Ultraflow Data Logger Software-Ultrasonic Flowmeter



The ultraflow data logger software is specially designed for our handheld portable transit-time ultrasonic flow meter,the handhel flow meter has a built-in data logger which can store 2000 lines of datas,and the data logger software is designed for data looging and data management. With this sofware, users don't need special professional technology knowledge, and the software is very easy to use.


Before installing the software on PC, the PC must install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.50727,otherwise the data logger software can't be installed sucessfully.


After installing, users can see that the data logger software mainly include the following parts;

1)Comport parameters setting part: set Comport, baud rate,etc.

2)Data items selection area: Select items that need to record and logging.

3)Primary data area from Flowmeter: The logging data from ultrasonic flowmeter will be outputted to this area for further processing

4)Data list area: The primary data will be converted to this area for further processing

After this, users can convert the data to Excel. format.


In the near future, we will develop more ultrasonic flow meters with built-in data logger, and the ultra data logger software can be used for them.