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HART-RS232 Converter

HART-RS232 Converter,HART-RS232 Modem, HART-RS232 Adapter

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HART-RS232 Converter



HART-RS232 converter is developed based on BELL202 international standard.It is used for HART communication by connecting the converter to RS232 port of computer.By the HART-RS232 converter,HART receiving and sending commands can be sent to RS232 port without external power supply.

It is easy to connect wire as HART terminals have no difference of positive and negative and no need to make any setting for them.The RS232 port is 9-hole port.

With simple and solid industry class enclosure design,and good compatability with HART Configuration Software.Without external power request,the converter can isolate the AC current between device and connection terminals and ensure a very minor current leakage.

Technical Specification

1)Current supply:5V@1mA by RS232 port of PC
2)Power supply: steal power from RS232 port of PC,no external power request
3)Port Connection: With RS232 9-Hole port
4)Output signal: Applying to HART0.5+/-0.1pp sine wave@1200/2200Hz
5)Used with configuration software
6)Hart connection: two minor hooks
7)Environment temperature:-25 to 85 Deg.C
8)Indication:Power-power supply,TXD-signal sending,RXD-signal receiving
10)Enclosure material:Industry level hard plastic

Technical Features

1)Loop isolation of transformer can effectively isolate 5.5KV outer voltage,strong anti-jamming
2)No difference of positive and negative terminals,no need any setting
3)No external power request,easy operation
4)Indication of power and signal
5)With special IC of hart Modem, industry class eletronic part,high reliability