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Battery Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Water

Battery powered ultrasonic water meter or clamp on ultrasonic flow meter supports clamp-on ultrasonic flow transducers which can measure water flow for pipe size DN30-DN3000mm.

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Battery Powered Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Water

 --Advanced Ultrasonic Non-invasive Transit-time Technology--



Clamp on ultrasonic water meter is developed from our clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter on the basis of transit-time principle,but both of them have several difference. And the main difference is clamp on water meter can be powered by battery,but clamp on flow meter can't.As usually battery powered, clamp on ultrasonic water meter is mainly used to measure water flow,the water can be clean water,potable water, pure water,sea water,alcohol,light-degree dirty water,etc. Built-in battery for the water meter can work for about 4 years life. Meanwhile, the clamp on flow meter and water meter can be made with IP68 protection class.


Our clamp on ultrasonic water meter with battery powered should be the first product in our country,even in the world.It is difficult to develop clamp on ultrasonic water meter powered by battery because clamp on flow measuring technology always requires very high sample period and sampling group datas, but this requirement also costs bigger power consumption. But the power capacity of built-in Li battery is always limited because of current battery technology. That's why there is no such product released before us, even though western companies who don't release such one.


Comparing other type water meters,clamp on ultrasonic water meter has many good unique advantages: no pipe cutting, no moving parts,no pressure loss,no risk of leakage,low cost maintenance,etc. Of course, in order to make the product have a wide applicaiton, we also release a version with battery and external DC power together. When use exeternal DC power, it will be clamp on ultrasonic flow meters.


Technical Specification

1. Accuracy: 3-5% depending on the actual application while battery power. If use external DC power, its accuracy is 1%-2%.

2. Fluid temperature: 0-150 Deg.C depending on different type clamp on transducers

3.Battery life: Built-in 3.6V/19AH can support over 4 years while under normal working status.

4.Serial port: RS485 port;

      Output: TTL(UART);Pulse OCT(need exeternal power);4-20ma output(need exeternal power to the loop)

5.Ambient Temperature:-10-70 Deg.C

6.Display: 96 Segmantal LCD

7.Installing method: V and Z method

8.Communication Protocol: MODBUS or M-BUS by RS485 port

9.Protection class: Clamp on Sensor: IP68, Main converter: IP68

10.Keypad and operation: local keys for windows browsing, RS485 remote keypad for setting, free setting software is available,tool.

11.Work pressure: Max pressure 2.5MPa,nominal pressuer:1.6MPa. While installing with our hot-tap tool and without flow stop, the Max pressure should be less than 0.8MPa.

12.Recording and other function: Can automatically record negative,net,postive flow totalizer and heater totalizer of last 512 days/128months/10years

    Can automatically record power ON/OFF events and corresponding flow rate of last 30 times and can make a compensation by manual or automatically.

The datas can be output by MODBUS protocol.