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Ultrasonic Flow Meter Specialists


Our ultrasonic flow meters are low cost clamp on flow measurement device with good performance.As a leading company in the line, we have accumulated many years experience specializing in developing and manufacturing TDS-100 ultrasonic flow meter, ultrasonic water meter and ultrasonic heat meter.

With patented ultrasonic technology,we have developed full range of ultrasonic flowmeters, mainly including insertion flowmeter, clamp on flow meter,inline full bore flowmeter and battery powered water meter. With professional technicians and very high cost effective,our flow meters and water meters,heat meters have been the best selling at home and abroad. The following is a quick glance at our ultrasonic product.

 Handheld Portable ultrasonic flow meter

The handheld portable ultrasonic flowmeter has built-in data logger and battery powered.The handheld portable flowmeter has a small size body and easy to hold by hand. English data logger software for the flowmeter available. The operating language includes Chinese, English,French,Italian, Spanish and Portuguese optional.

 Permanent clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter

Fixed instaling type ultrasonic flowmeters,mainly wall mounted type flow meter,introduced with the latest features as below:

  • Built-in 2G-8G data logger optional
  • Hart (4-20mA) communication optional
  • MODBUS(RS485) communication
  •  Low cost clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter

    The clamp on ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for low cost and large quantity application. Small size,but powerful function. Will have a built-in 4M data logger and related data logger software.

     Ultrasonic water flow meter

    Battery powered,IP68 class,the ultrasonic water meter is an ideal choice for replacing mechanic water flow meters.

     Ultrasonic heat meter

    Equipped with PT100 resistor,ultrasonic flowmeters can be functioned as ultrasonic heat BTU meters for measuring temp. and thermal energy of liquid.


    Quick selection guide for ultrasonic flow meter

    No one flowmeter can meet all of request,thus, the right selection is a very important step for ensuring sucessful application.Ultrasonic flowmeter has its own consideration in selection.
    1.Is the liquid clean or dirty? Liquid need transit-time flow meter, dirty will use dopper flow meter.
    2.Portable way or fixed installing? If want to move easily, portable flowmeter is recommend.Otherwise, should use fixed type flowmeter.
    3.Pipe information requested: pipe size range, pipe wall thickness, pipe material,whether there is lining material.
    4.Fluid information requested: flow rate,liquid temperature,dirty or clean
    5.Power supply way; AC,DC,Solar or battery powered way
    6.What output/input is needed, pulse, 4-20mA,reply, frequency output
    7.Whether need thermal energy(heater)measuing, if yes, whether insertion or clamp-on PT100 resistors
    8.Whether need data logger
    9.Full consideration of financial purpose