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Ultrasonic Flow Meter Specialists


Our ultrasonic flow meters are low cost clamp on flow measurement device with good performance.As a leading company in the line, we have accumulated many years experience specializing in developing and manufacturing TDS-100 ultrasonic flow meter, ultrasonic water meter and ultrasonic heat meter.

With patented ultrasonic technology,we have developed full range of ultrasonic flowmeters, mainly including insertion flowmeter, clamp on flow meter,inline full bore flowmeter and battery powered water meter. With professional technicians and very high cost effective,our flow meters and water meters,heat meters have been the best selling at home and abroad. The following is a quick glance at our ultrasonic product.

 Handheld Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Portable and handheld ultrasonic flow meter have built-in data logger and recharging battery.The handheld flowmeter has small size and easy to hold by hand. Portable flow memeter has metl enclosure and more rugged. English data logger software for them available. The operating language includes English,French,Italian, Spanish and Portuguese optional.

 Permanent Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Fixed instaling ultrasonic flowmeters,mainly have wall mounted type,desktop type,flow transmitter,etc. It features IP65 proot and rugged enclosure.Built-in data logger and data logger software is available. Rich function Modbus provided.

 Low Cost Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The low cost ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for low cost and large quantity application. Small size,but powerful function. It can support our full sets of flow transducers.Rich function Modbus provided.

 Clamp On Water Flow Meter

Our battery powered ultrasonic water flow meter series including clamp on,inline,insertion and ultra-weight ultrasonic water meters and the water flow meter is an ideal choice for replacing mechanic water meters. Our water flow meters can provide IP65 or IP68 class. Built-in battery life can work for 4-10 years decided by different models.Rich function Modbus provided.

 Ultrasonic Heat Meter/BTU meter

Equipped with PT100 resistor,ultrasonic flowmeters can be functioned as ultrasonic heat BTU meters for measuring temp. and thermal energy of liquid.Rich function Modbus provided.


 Complete OEM Service of Ultrasonic Flowmeters

 Internet makes business become very clear and as a player in flow device,you  absolutely consider how to protect your valuable clients and markets. Thus, we decide to provide completer service for our customers. This serivce almost has no limit to order quantity and don't charge more. We will help our customers to concentrate their sales without other worries.

 The complete OEM service mainly including:

 1.Enclosure style change,e.g. color,shape,etc.

 2.Sensor systle change,e.g.color,shape,etc.

 3.Protection film made 

 4.Keypad layout

 5.Display LCD 


 7.Start window changing

 8.Add your product model and your name

 Other quirement,please feel free to contact.