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The low cost clamp on water flow meter is developed on advanced transit-time ultrasound technology and provides non-invasive flow measurement. It also employs surface mounting electronics and digital signal processing techniques to ensure its powerful performance. The flow meter is mainly used for liuqid volume measurement,typically including water, alcohol,pure oil, etc. The clamp on flow meter is an ideal for application where large quantity clamp on flow device is required with cost-effective solution.

The low cost clamp on water flow meter can support various of abest flow transducers:clamp on, insertion and inline type.When equipped with  clamp-on transduces,it can provides abundant capabilities for accurate liquid flow measurement from outside of a pipe. Clamp-on transducer is very easy  and simple to install and no special skills or tools are required

This flowmeter has four local keys which can be used for setting all parameters,including inputing value and won’t need any external keypad or software. With compact size and powerfunl function, it can be integrated into your flow controlling system for liquids. It can support din-rail installing which is very convenient.

Except worked as digital flow meters, it can be used as ultrasonic heat meters. In a word, its unique features, particularly very low cost, very high performance and very small size, make it the ideal choice for industrial automation, processing control, water source management, flow meter networking and OEM applications.


The low cost clamp on water  flow meters are designed for large quantity application with low price. With rich network interface technique, the flow meter is an ideal choice for water source management,processing monitoring, industrial automation, water flow meter networking and OEM applications. The flow meter provides reliable measurement in both clean and opaque liquid flow.

Technical Spefication:

With low price, it is an ideal clamp-on flowmeter for large quantity application.
High accuracy ± 1%
Clamp-on type is no-intrusive,no pipe disturbance,no risk of leakage,no moving parts,no pressure drop,low maintenance,
Large pipe size range:1″-240″(DN25mm-DN6000mm)
Wide measurement range:0.03-105ft/s(0.01-32m/s)
Almost suitable for all common used pipe materials
Suitable for most pure liquids and liquids with minor particles
Large turn-down ratio
Easy clamp-on installing.No pipe cutting and no hole drilling.Save installing cost.
Built-in flow totalizers,batch controller and task scheduler
Isolated 8-36V DC power supply.
LCD backlight 2*20 letters display
4 local keys for all parameters setting,doesn’t need external keypad and software
Versatile inputs/outputs,including 3 way 4-20mA input and 2 way OCT output(relay output) and one way 4-20mA output.
Can support both self-powered and loop-powered mode 4-20mA output.While self-powered used, the power supply must be 24VDC.
Isolated RS485 interface with power surge protection. Support MODBUS.Well suited for reliable networking.
Thermal energy measurement
Automatically match transducer to pipe materials and liquid property with proprietary signal quality tracking and self-adaptation technology
Automatically record the positive/negative/net flow/heater totalizer data of the last 512 days/158 months/10years.
Automatically record the power-on times and corresponding flow rate of the last 30 power on and off events. Allow manual or automatic flow loss compensation.

Low Cost Clamp On Ultrasonic Heat Meter

Low cost clamp on ultrasonic heat meter can be used for water energy measurement by equipped with PT100/PT1000 resistors. While developing the low cost heat meter, we have designed related energy calculator by software and hardware. Such design ensures higher accuracy with good performance.

With combination clamp on ultraosnic flow meter and clamp on PT100, the heat meter will be real clamp on ultrasonic heat meters.  It won’t require to cut pipe,easy to install and no risk of leakage. It is a perfect solution for heat energy measurement.

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