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Insertion ultrasonic water meter refers to ultrasonic water meter with insertion type transducers. Insertion ultrasonic water meter is developed for pipe size over DN100 and when pipe size is over DN100,it will have a very high cost effective.

The insertion ultrasonic water meter is powered by built-in battery and the battery life may last for 4 years. As it is battery powered, it is mainly used to measure water and other clean stable liquid.Because it uses advanced ultrasonic transit-time technology, insertion ultrasonic water meter has no moving parts.

Comparing with inline ultrasonic water meter, insertion ultrasonic water meter is lighter and easy to ship.

Comparing with clamp-on ultrasonic water meter, insertion ultrasonic water meter has a bettery accuracy.

In order to make insertion transducer installed easily, we have developed patented hot-tap installing tool.With this hot-tap installing tool, insertion ultrasonic water meter can be installed wtihout flow stop.

Technical Specification:

1.Accuracy: Class 2

2.Pipe size:DN50-DN800mm; Bigger pipe size can be made as requirement.

3.Communication protocol: MODBUS or M-BUS

4.RS485 port

5.TTL,Pulse OCT output

6.Fluid temperature range: 0-150 Deg.C

7.Protection class: Sensor: IP68, converter: IP68/IP65 optional

8.Installing method: Z method

9.Ambient temperature:-10-70 Deg.C

10.Installing pressure: less than 2.5MPa

11.Display: 96 Segmantal LCD or 2-line dispaly

12.Keypad and operation: local keys for windows browsing, RS485 remote keypad for setting, free setting software is available.

13.For cement or concrete pipe, special insertion transducer is available.

14.Battery life: Over 4 years or 6years while under normal working status.

Note: For carbon steel pipe or stainless steel,please kindly inform us while place order so that we can supply proper welding base.

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