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The ultrasonic clamp on flow meter has been manufactured with patent digital signal processing techniquies and is equipped with many powerful functions.The clamp on flow meter has been developed to the fourth generation and comparing with previous version,it becomes more avanced and meet new request,for example, we have added Modbus protocol to our current version ultrasonic flow meters.

The clamp on flow meter is wall-mount installation for liquid in closed pipe and with different size of clamp on transducers,it can have a wide pipe size range.With unique clamp on sensor installing way, ultrasonic clamp on flow meter doesn’t need to cut pipe,thus it can features no moving parts,no pressure loss,no maintenace cost,no risk of leakage,etc.

Except clamp on flow transducers,the  ultrasonic flow meter can also support insertion transducers and inline transducers. For insertion transducers, its Min pipe size should be over DN65mm or DN50mm.We also develop patent hot-tap installing tool for insertion transducers. With the special tool, users can install insertion transducer without flow stop under pressuer of 0.8MPa.

The ultrasonic clamp on flow meter can be functioned as ultrasonic heat meter after equipped with PT100 resistor. The PT100 resistors can be insertion type or clamp-on type. For each set of ultrasonic heat meter, the PT100 resistors should be pair(2pcs) and in order to ensure good accuracy, each pair of PT100 should be carefully calibrated.

The clamp on flow meter also has versatile outputs and communication protocol. The flow meter has outputs of 4-20mA, OCT pulse output, frequency output, relay output and RS485 port which can support Modbus,M-bus and factory’s communicaiton protocol.

Technical Specifcation:

    • Accuracy:±1.0% of velocity reading or ±0.02ft/s,whichever is bigger.Could be as high as ±0.5% when in-situ calibration is used.
    • Velocity:±0.01 to 12m/s, bi-directional
    • Pipe size range DN25-DN6000mm (from 1″ to 240″).
    • Repeatability: Better than 0.5%
    • Display:LCD backlight display with 2×20 letters,display instantaneous flow rate, accumulated flow rate,(positive, negative and net),velocity, time, analog input, etc.
    • Keypad:4×4 tactile-feedback membrane keyboard
    • Unit:English(U.S.) or Metric
    • Current output: 0/4-20mA isolated output for flowrate, velocity or sound speed.Impedance 0-1k. accuracy 0.1%
    • OCT pulse output:Optically isolated OCT (Open Collector Transistor) output,up to 0.5A load.
    • Relay output: Can be programmed. 1A@125VAC or 2A@30VDC.
    • Sound alarm:One sound alarm, programmable to specific event such as overflow,no flow, reverse flow, leakage alarming
    • Data recording:Automatically records the daily total of the last 512 days and the monthly total of the last 128 months Optional SD data logger (2GB space) for recording velocity, flow,status, etc.
    • Enclosure: IP65(NEMA4X) weather resistant
    • Power supply: 90-250V AC/ 8-26V DC
    • Weight: 2.5kgs (51b)
    • Dimension: 9”×5.9”×3” (230mm×150mm×75mm)
    • Working temperature: Main unit: -10 ℃-70 ℃ (14℉-158℉)
    • Liquid temperature:-40℉-158℉ (-40 ℃-70 ℃ ) for standard clamp-on transducers -40℉-312℉ (-40 ℃-155 ℃ ) for high temperature clamp-on transducers
    • Relative humidity:Main unit: 85%RH
    • Protection class of main unit: IP65.
    • Protection class of transducers: IP68.Transducer: IP68. Water-immersible, water depth less than 10’(3m)

High accuracy: better than ±1% When on-site calibration available, it may be ±0.5%.
Wide flow range: +/- 30m/s±0.01 to 30m/s, bi-directional
Clamp on type transducers: non invasive, no pipe disturbance. No moving parts, no pressure drop.
Wide pipe size range DN25-DN6000mm (from 1″ to 240″).
Robust house designing
Easy and economical installation. No cutting pipe, non drilling hole.
Easy to use and set up. Self-explanatory menu programming
Suitable for average liquid which can transmit ultrasonic wave.
Meausre Velocity, volumetric and totalized flow,etc
The lowest price on the market
Wall-mounted type flowmeters have been CE approved.
Built-in SD data logger optional

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