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Our radar level sensors have been manufactured on advanced 80GHZ and 120GHZ. The series of radar level sensors provide non contact level/volume measurement for water,liquid and solid.
We can provide abundant of models to meet your requirement.Thanks to our research team, they have been working hard for past years and successfully have reduced its cost to very low level. With the very low price,many projects can have an opportunity to utilize advanced non-contact radar technology.
Based on our cost-effective solution,the radar level sensors have gradually replaced ultrasonic level in most of applications.Meanwhile,compare with older radar level sensors (mainly on 24GHZ/26GHZ/63GHZ),the high frequency radar can ensure higher accuracy,smaller beam angle(5°,4°,3°,1.5° optional) and more stable performance.
The series of radar level sensors will become more and more promising in future and it will be a very good chance to boost your business in market of level measurement.

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